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Video Production And Creating Content For Youtube

video production for youtube

Businesses all around the world are leveraging the power of Youtube to push and promote themselves, their businesses, and their products. Not only can you drive traffic to your website for your Youtube channel, but you can also monetize your channel with display ads right within Youtube creator studio dashboard. Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the planet behind Google. People are gravitating towards video for answers, watching someone explain an answer is apparently more appealing than reading it. Video is changing the way that people interact with media online and has become the preferred source of media on mobile devices. There are other video platforms like Vimeo that offer secure platforms for video production and the syndication of your video. Facebook has also joined the video revolution by offering users a profit sharing opportunity by directly uploading videos to their platform. Some statistics show that videos uploaded directly to Facebook will have a farther reach than videos embedded on a Facebook feed from Youtube. Clearly, Facebook is giving its platform preferential treatment just like Google give its platforms (Youtube). If you are a business owner and you are not actively producing video content for the web you are missing out on something major. There is an opportunity of a lifetime to reach and engage your audience that was never there before pre-internet. Video production was always expensive and the only marketing channel that existed was television. Unless you had the budget, you were not using video to market your business. Thankfully the internet has revolutionized how we interact and engage with each other and with our communities. So why aren’t you producing video? Don’t understand the technology? Not sure what it cost? Not sure what kind of content to produce? There are many questions you might have beyond those few I listed here, for now, though I will focus on these common concerns. You can see really good examples of video production for Youtube at They have been frontrunners in video production in the Oklahoma City market for years now. Watch how they produce their video content and take notes.

What Technology Do I Need To Produce Video Content For Youtube?

video production with a cell phone Thankfully the barrier to entry is minimal and the price points to acquire the technology can be next to nothing. Anyone running a business has a mobile phone, those mobile phones all have cameras built into them. Unless you are in need of some higher quality video production, a cellphone camera and a tripod are all you need for video production. Depending on where you are recording you may benefit from lavalier microphone to get a more direct audio feed, but you can make it work without one. You can invest in lighting but don’t need too, you can definitely leverage natural lighting to accomplish what you need. So now you have a camera, audio, and lighting so you are almost there. Most business owners own computers, so having one to upload and publish the content is a sure plus, yet again though there are Youtube upload options on most mobile devices so it’s not an absolute necessity. The last free thing you will need is a Youtube channel attached to your Gmail account. That is it guys, that is all you need to start producing and publishing video content to the web. You can literally start producing video on your cell phone today.

What Does It Cost To Start?

As stated above this can cost next to nothing. If you own a cell phone with a camera then you already have everything self-contained in your mobile device. You can even download a mobile video editing application. If you want to invest in a decent camera, some HD video lighting, and a mic you can get into all of that for under 1k. But to start it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

What Content Should I Produce For Youtube?

Obviously, this depends on your business, but the point of these social sharing video networks is to build an audience and get your offer in front of them eventually. This means that the first dozen videos you publish to your Youtube channel should be of value to your viewers and not be a pitch. You must create great content that answers questions but might doesn’t give away the whole recipe. Engage people and share knowledge of your industry while still leaving them wondering about your products and services. Watch how other successful channels are doing it, maybe even find another industry channel and follow their lead while being authentic and original. Plenty of people have made it far in life by reproducing what works.

Start Producing Youtube Videos For Your Business Today!

This may or may not have been helpful, you may still be in the dark about the details of the process but at least you understand now that you can get into this for next to nothing. You have probably already shot video on your cell phone, probably have already watched Youtube video productions, so you have half the puzzle figured out already. Take a few extra steps to understand the rest of this process and you will be up and running producing videos for Youtube in no time.

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