What Are Terpenes Used For

What Are Cannabis Terpenes Used For?

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Cannabis terpenes are used for adding flavor profiles back into oils and edibles that have been extracted from the cannabis plant. During the extraction process of the THC and/or CBD the terpenes can either become damaged or lost all together. Companies like Xtra Laboratories specialize in the extraction of terpenes for commercial use. You can visit their website

With the recent legalization of marijuana in many states, THC and CBD edibles are growing in popularity like never before. With that recent growth comes the evolution of other products needed to produce these tasty treats. One of these products that have busted on to the scene is terpenes. A few years ago, the word terpenes weren’t common among cannabis enthusiasts and CBD consumers at all. Recently, the word terpenes have surfaced like the plague and pot smokers around the country are throwing the word around like it’s the second coming of “dude” from Dazed and Confused!

Science is beginning to gain a better understanding of terpenes, and we are starting to understand the value of these flavor-producing compounds beyond their scent and taste. There are also health benefits associated with cannabis terpenes that we are just now realizing. The scent of your favorite nugget, the smell of your burning bowl, that jay you burned in high school that just smelled delicious, chances are those were terpenes you were smelling and they are found in many plants and some living organisms.

Terpenes give your favorite weed strain that signature aromatic scent that can be enjoyed prior to burning, during a burn, and even after the burn. Those terpenes can also be infused into edibles and essential oils, giving them the fragrance of those potent plants we all enjoy so much. That XXX OG, Afghan Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Maui Wowie, and Blueberry OG, all those diverse flavor profiles are from terpenes.

Terpenes are oils that have been secreted from the cannabis flowers resin glands, those same glands that produce CBD, THC, and other natural occurring cannabinoids. Terpenes are found in pine, herbs, fruits, and other plants that exist in the wild, they are not specific to the cannabis plant.

When consumed, terpenes bind to receptors in the brain like cannabinoids and contribute to the production of the various effects that are experienced when consuming them. Different cannabis plants produce different terpenes, and therefore the flavor profiles are different from strain to strain. These differences in flavor profiles are the result of many contributing variables like growing conditions, soils, plant food, and curing processes.

When THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are being extracted from the cannabis the terpenes can be damaged or lost at the point of critical extraction. Reintroducing terpenes into edibles, tinctures, and other consumable products.

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