Sedona Off Road Jeep Rental Services

New Jeep Rental Business Model Lands In Sedona Arizona

off road jeep rentals in sedonaThere is a new Sherrif in town and Sedona is taking notice. MYE Jeep self-guided Jeep Tours of Arizona have been trending in and out of the state. Adventurous souls are encouraged to grab the wheel and take to the trails of Sedona on their own terms with built-in navigations systems with preloaded maps and off-road activities. The typical business model for Jeep tours in Sedona had been tour driven by a local guide that drove the Jeeps through the hills with the passengers strapped tight in the back of the vehicle. MYE Jeep has added a disruptive twist in the Sedona off road rentals business. They have taken the traditional concept and turned it upside down and ran it through the mud. The MYE Jeep self-guided tour services have become a hit with travelers visiting Sedona on vacation and wanting an off-road excursion without the hassle of cranky drivers and bothersome passengers. The experience is absolutely amazing and the Jeeps are very well kept. There have been aftermarket features installed such as lift kits, off-road/on-road tires, and suspension. There is a new line of the Jeeps available that include a camping trailer for extreme comfort and relaxation when spending the evening out in the Arizona desert.

Destination Trails In Sedona

There are a slew of trailheads that can be accessed with a MYE Jeep vehicle.

• Schnebly Hill Road

• Outlaw Trail

• Oak Creek Trail

• Diamondback Gulch

• Van Deren Cabin Trail

• Soldiers Pass

• Broken Arrow Trail

That is a list of destination trails you can access with a MYE Jeep rental in and around Sedona, Arizona. Some of the trails a rated difficult and should be reviewed thoroughly before attempting to ride through them. MYE Jeep is becoming the clear choice for younger people wanting to explore the great outdoors of Arizona from out of state. Often time the rental vehicles they get from the airport are not equipped for the rugged terrain of Sedona and therefore a Jeep rental is required. The Jeeps are offered for rent on an hourly basis as well as multi-day rentals for those wanting to extend the duration of the excursion.

Off Road Jeep Rental Availability

Currently, the MYE Jeep fleet of off-road rentals only consists of a half-dozen Jeeps available. We called to find out availability over the fall break and were surprised to hear that there were not any off-road Jeeps available for rent. Most of the Jeeps were out on multi-day excursions where couples and families both took the Jeeps out for multi-night stays and some lite four wheel’n. It is our understanding that they do book up quickly, so if you wish to reserve one then call now. Next year we will be adventuring to Havasupai Falls Arizona.

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