Omaha Vet Profits Big From Puppy Litter

Business Minded Emergency Vet Makes Big Bucks

pit bull puppyA Veterinarian in Omaha has made big bucks from his animal rescue. Dr.Backlund took in a pregnant dog that was found abandoned and in need of medical attention. When the dog arrived at the clinic she was so dehydrated that it took almost 4 bags of saline solution to properly hydrate her. After she was hydrated she rested, then ate. This poor momma had a litter full of puppies inside her consuming all the nutrients her little body had to offer and there was almost nothing left for mom. The emergency vet took her in, hydrated, fed, and cared for her over the next few days. Within 10 days time, the proud mother gave birth to a whole litter of super happy puppies. These dogs were a special micro pitbull breed and the vet had no idea how valuable they were until they listed the dogs for sale online. The micro pit bulls can go for thousands of dollars and are sought out by fans of the American bull terrier. These dogs look like pit bulls but are micro versions. A litter of 8 puppies at $2,500 dollars each is valued at $20,000. We asked if there was an issue moving the dogs and the response was no. They said as soon as the listing was made public online that the phone continued to ring until all the dogs had been sold. The money will be used to purchase more kennel space and new technology for the vet clinic. Omaha is known for Corn Huskers and steaks, not necessarily micro-pit bulls. The Dr. believes that the dog’s owner may have accidentally lost track of the dog and could still be looking for the mom or her puppies. If you have any information about the owner of the dog then contact the vet clinic to discuss picking her up. The mom will be kept and cared for until the dog owner steps up or an adoptive family comes forward to adopt the dog.

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