Making Money In The Fitness Business

How To Make Money In The Fitness Business

Entrepreneurs everywhere are trying to cash in on the modern day fitness craze that has swept the nation. There is more money being spent on gym memberships, supplements, and health foods than ever before. Opportunities to bank roll off your love for health has never been more available than they are now with the internet and a world of health conscious consumers. Take a look at some of the best ways to make money in the health and fitness business.

Open A Gym

opening up a gymThis may seem like a long shot for some of you but plenty of people do it. You will need cash, a business plan, and knowledge of the industry to be successful in your endeavors. Gym franchises are available but typically require a large chunk of start-up capital to buy in. Gym franchises like Boxing Inc demand the following for their franchisees.

• A minimum of $150,000 to $500,000 liquid capital for a gym. 

• Net worth of $350,000 to $1,000,000.

• And a $10,000 dollar affiliation fee.

There are other franchise opportunities that exist with price points that fall on both side of that spectrum. If buying into a franchise is not of interest, you can consider opening your own stand alone gym. You will still need a minimum amount of money in the bank to acquire a loan. There are benefits to both models, each have their pros, and each have their cons. If you are a health and fitness specialist, are good with business, and have financial backing then building your own branded facility is the better option in my opinion.

Franchise A Nutrition Store

There are nutrition stores all over, the difference between one over the other can come down to a few things like inventory and staff. Having someone at the front counter selling your vitamins and supplements that knows what they are talking about is extremely beneficial to both you the business owner and the customer buying your product. Educating your customers and providing proper nutritional feedback is what keeps people coming back and buying from you. There are stores like GNC, and One Stop Nutrition that offer franchise business models for entrepreneurs looking for turn key solutions for supplement stores.

Become A Personal Trainer

There is a lot of money to made as a personal trainer, especially if you live in an area where people have disposable income to spend on a trainer. The job is rewarding if you like helping people, it can also be a great way to build relationships and get connected with local business owners. Networking is always a bonus when providing personal training services. Even if your client sessions are weekly for an hour, that’s an hour a week you have with an individual to build a lasting relationship and connect on level that you might not have had an opportunity to do otherwise. Clients often stick around long enough for you to make some money and for them to get the results they need. Personal trainers help people, if helping people is appealing to you then consider this as a career.

Open A Yoga Studio

Yoga studios are opening up everywhere. People are getting certified to teach, then yoga studio opening in townbecoming business owners themselves and opening studios. Yoga was once a mystery, people didn’t understand it, so businesses suffered as entrepreneurs closed doors in communities where people didn’t join Yoga gyms because they didn’t understand it. Yoga has now reached levels of popularity never seen before. People are filling out Yoga studios to learn and train in the ancient art of deep stretching and conditioning like never before. Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and other popular variations can be found in strip malls and local shopping centers in your city.

Open A Pilates Studio

Pilates hasn’t quite reached the level of popularity that Yoga has. I see plenty of these studios opening and closing around town and I think it’s just because people aren’t educated on the benefits of Pilates. The proprietary stretching equipment looks like ancient toucher devices and may be a deterrent to the untrained eye. I have seen Pilates instructors find success when they have added Pilates as a secondary exercise option with other techniques like Yoga, Tai Chi, or as a standalone offer inside a gym.

Open A Smoothie Shop

These can be extremely profitable little startup businesses. Location is key here, you don’t want to open a smoothie shop in an area that doesn’t value their health. Smoothies can cost anywhere form $5 to $8 dollars and are typically sought out of those interested in health and fitness. Having one opened up in a mall, near a gym, or near a business park would be ideal for anyone looking to capture that foot traffic. Smoothies can be vegetable, fruit, infusions, and also include supplements and other add-on flavorings.

Become A Nutritionist

Healthy and unhealthy people can benefit from a nutritionist. If you need to lose weight for health reasons then a nutritionist can help you meal plan and advise on portion control. The same goes for healthy individuals wanting to stay fit or even wanting to compete in athletic events that require you to make weight. Thanks to the internet, nutritionists can now take their skill sets online and provide custom meal plans and dietary advice to those online seeking help. There are all sorts of diet trends that come and go, a good nutritionist won’t depend on gimmicks to get you to where you need to be.

Open An MMA Gym

opening an MMA gymYou don’t need to know martial arts to open an MMA gym. The UFC gyms are all franchised, all you need to do is have some capital to invest and some business savvy and you’re on your way. Most MMA gyms offer a handful of training options that are most common for MMA. Striking (punches/kicks), wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and strength and conditioning. As a gym owner you can hire the specialized personnel to train your clientele in these specialty art forms. Many MMA gyms will teach the art forms to weekend warriors and everyday people that have no interest in fighting. The exercise alone is worth the membership.

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