How To Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur

How To Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur
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The subject of burnout typically attracts two different types of people. First, are people that always think they’ve burned out. They say things like, “Yeah, I’m really going through burnout right now.” Or, “You don’t understand. Things are really hard for me right now because I’m burning out.”

Then you have people who say, “I’m not burned out. I can push more.” Regardless of where you are when it comes to burnout, stick with me. I’ll share some things that may on one side contradict your mindset. I’ll also give you tools that can help you go through the burnout process.

Who Goes Through Burnout – 0:34

#1: Perfectionists – 0:37
#2: Pessimists – 0:51
#3: Control Freak – 1:04
#4: Type A Personality – 1:38

Cause – 2:07

Neglect – 2:09
Overload – 2:37
Lack of Growth – 3:00
Newness – 3:30
Figment of Your Imagination – 3:46

People You Go To – 4:18

Downer – 4:39
Upper – 5:03
Socratic – 5:15

How to Avoid Burnout in the First Place – 6:51

#1: Protect Your “Yeses.” – 7:25
#2: Turn Off Your Phone – 8:12
#3: Children – 9:33
#4: Quarterly Getaway/Annual Travel – 10:08
#5: Go Somewhere to Gain Perspective – 11:53
#6: Gratitude – 13:10
#7: Music – 14:15
#8: Comedy/Humor – 14:50
#9: Simplify Life – 15:21
#10: Minimize Relationships -15:53
#11: Exercise – 17:28
#12: Positive Distractions – 17:43
#13: Seek Progress, Not Perfection – 17:57
#14: Spa – 18:30

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    can you make a video on how to make your life not suck. can you explain how to get it right from the first dollar. literally please?

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    We are burnout as Entrepreneur often 🙂 …Patrick’s advices are so goood.

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    Figment of imagination….like in Johnny Depp’s Secret Window? !

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    Amazing info yet again David. I thank you and the team for bringing us this important information. They don’t teach this stuff in school. Learning and executing these entrepreneur skills will save the world.

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    Here’s my question. If your parents are the negative influence in your life, do you still cut them out?

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    Brah!… This is exactly what I think, 100%… This video is on-point PAT! And yeah… Let’s have Mario do a video!

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