Granite Countertops Phoenix

There Is A New Granite Countertop Coming Out Of Phoenix Arizona!

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This is exciting news for home builders and interior designers looking for new, innovative looks that can transform the interior of a home or office. The new granite stones countertops have Sedona Red Rock infused to give the countertops a red and rustic look. They were extremely popular at the Phoenix Home and Garden Show recently and the infused Granite Stone sold out in the first week of production. Crews are actively mining the stone and the Sedona Red Rocks to create what some believe is a revolutionary countertop that will pair extremely well with copper kitchen utensils and faucet hardware. We spoke to Ramon Garcia of Granite Karma in Phoenix and he had this to say.

” I had no idea there was someone, somewhere infusing the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona with Granite. I have yet to see or install the stone myself, but have heard enough about at it the home and garden shows that I believe in it’s potential.”

granite countertops phoenix

The Phoenix Home and Garden Show happens once a year and residents from around the valley glamour to see the new innovative home and garden products that are on the market. From landscape designs, interior decorating, energy efficiency, and more, developers and tradesman setup and manage booths to showcase their skill sets. Cabinet installers, flooring specialists, painters, electricians, they all show up to get infant of thousands of Arizona homeowners.

Home remodeling has really exploded the past few years in Arizona. After the housing bubble blew and people lost their homes, the economy recovered fast enough for people to get back into a Phoenix home and start their lives again. Settling on a fixer upper became the norm for families that had lost their home when the economy crashed. Jobs returned and people began making money and owning homes again. With that became the need to remodel the properties and get them updated. Add on structures, bathroom remodels, and kitchen remodels all lead the way for the most popular choices among Arizona homeowners.

We are now in a place where we are in the fourth phase of this transition. Homes have been purchased, families have rebounded and a first round of remodeling has taken place. Now in the fourth phase families are touching up on those original remodels by replacing or upgrading options that either weren’t done the first time around or need to be redone again. I imagine that if supply can meet demand, the Sedona Red Rock infused surfaces might be the most popular granite countertops Phoenix has seen in many years.

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