Dumpster Rental Business

Starting A Dumpster Rental Business

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You don’t need to be an expert in the disposal business to launch a dumpster rental company. You can start with one truck, one dumpster operation and build from there. The concept is pretty simple, you own the truck, and the dumpster, and drop it off on properties where people need large dumpster bins to dispose of garbage. The roll off dumpster business is open for small and larger operators and has a niche for anyone trying to get into the business. By doing proper market research, you can find holes in your local market where they may be a need for small contractors, landscapers, and other business that may require dumpster rentals. You can also do market research on your competition, look around to see what companies are doing offline and online. Companies like Steel Smith Recycling off dumpster rental services in Tampa, and is a great example of a dumpster rental business that has grown from a single truck to a fleet of dumpsters.

Locating Your Market

The dumpster rental business has needs from residential to commercial. Home renovations, yard cleanup, bulk trash, and roofing projects are a few common needs in the residential market. Commercial projects also include construction, roofing, junk removal. Contacting local contractors who are often looking to trim back costs is a great place to start. Any general contractor that has 1 or 2 employees is a potential client that is in need of a deal on a dumpster rental. Larger construction companies probably already have a go-to rental company and those larger commercial vendors have inventory and pricing that may be hard to match. Finding the small local guys that are busy enough to fill your dumpsters is the key to starting off. Real estate agents are also a decent resource, considering they deal with a lot of foreclosures during the year, there is a chance they work with families that are buying and selling properties that need to be gutted and flipped. Small dumpster rentals are great for this.

What You Need To Get Started

Aside from the paperwork, insurance, and licenses to operate you need some hardware. The two most important pieces to start is a roll of the truck and a dumpster. If you’re a one-man show, then you only need a single truck and dumpster to start, as your business grows, so will your inventory of trucks and dumpsters. You need to buy a dump truck or a roll off truck. Low-end price range for a truck is going to run you about 40k, and a used 10-yard dumpster will set you back around 2k. Dumpster come in many different sized and your needs will obviously depend on the needs of your client, but to get started a 10-yard dumpster will be adequate for smaller contractors and residential projects.

Truck Yard And Shop

You’re going to need a fenced yard to keep your trucks and dumpsters in. multiple rental dumpstersHaving a secure piece of commercial property for your equipment is going to be important for maintenance and security. The office space on the property doesn’t need to be very big, enough for you to have clients come in if needed, answer phones, and manage the day to day operations. Having a repair shop on site will be very useful as you grow fr maintenance of your trucks and dumpsters. If you are not mechanically inclined, it would be a good time to start understanding the basics of how everything works. Otherwise, having a part-time mobile mechanic available to check in on the trucks every month or when needed is going to be crucial for maintaining this operation.

Marketing Your Business

If you don’t have a budget to market your business yourself, it would be wise to invest in a website, and some digital marketing content. Media like images and videos are easy enough to produce and should utilized to market your business online. If you have some extra money left at the end of the month, search engine marketing is highly suggested as a way to gain exposure online within the search engines. Direct mail marketing to local contractors, and outbound phone calls will be necessary to get yourself noticed in your local market. Follow your market and your competitors, see what they are doing, and if they are successful, rinse and repeat.

Make Friends With Landfill Operators

Friendships in business are always worth the time and energy spent creating them. Having friends that you can rely on in an industry you are working in is key for longevity. If you are in the dumpster rental business, then you will become heavily reliant on landfill operators. Getting on good terms with them is going to be very beneficial to you and your business. Landfill rates are typically based on a per ton basis, and these rates are usually negotiable. It’s definitely worth the time and energy to create some dialogue and find out what your options are for reducing your rates. Sometimes repeat business is enough to get some operators to come down a little on pricing and give you a better rate. If your dumpster rentals are being used to dispose of hazardous material, you will need to find a landfill that is designed to handle that kind of load. Most of the common landfills you will be dealing with specialize in general trash and junk disposal, more specialized care is needed when disposing of hazardous material. It’s advised that you are update with the laws and regulations in your area before disposing of anything.

Is The Dumpster Rental Business Really For You?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what is needed to start a dumpster rental business, you need to ask yourself if this is truly a business you want to get into. Do you want to manage trucks, employees, and a truck yard? Do you want the liability that comes with having multiple operators towing dumpster bins around the city and dropping them off in front of homes and commercial properties? Do you want to tackle the marketing efforts needed to get your name out there above and beyond what the other dumpster rental companies are doing? These are legitimate questions to ask yourself, and if you answered yes to all of them and truly understand what it’s going to take to get this business up and running and profitable for you then stop reading this now and get going! Good luck starting your new dumpster rental business!!

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